The Best Dental Floss on the Market

By | June 9, 2014

Flossing is a vital part of a daily oral routine, and of overall health care. It is used to remove food particles, that are unable to be removed with mouthwash or brushing alone, and the best dental floss also helps to reduce dental plaque buildup.

Oral-B Super Flosssuperfloss

The versatility of Oral-B Super Floss makes it the best dental floss, for use in cleaning around braces, under bridge work, and to clean any wide gaps between teeth.

To sum up the pros of this product, it is easy to use, gentle on gums (even though it reaches below the gum line), effective and cleans areas that may be hard to reach.

On the negative side, this product is not widely available, and the cost may be higher than many other types of dental flosses.

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410t-ndDFCL._SY300_Tom’s of Maine Natural Waxed Flossing Ribbon

The flat surface of this flossing “ribbon” is effective for the removal of dental plaque. One of the main ingredients in this product is Beeswax. There are no preservatives, nor is any artificial flavoring or coloring used in the making of this product.

Sixty out of 80 people gave this product a perfect score, because of its delicious natural mint flavor, eco-friendly packaging, and of course, the ease of use and effectiveness of this product.

Although the unique shape of the floss allows for gliding ease and is gentle on the gums, this product is best recommended for individuals that do not have bridges or other types of dental work.

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Dr. Tungs Smart Flossf-019373711215

The unique thing about Dr. Tungs Smart Floss is the ability that it has to expand and shrink, in order to fit into wide or tight spaces between teeth that will make cleaning teeth thorough and consistent.

Clinical studies have shown, that this product, removes close to 40% more dental plaque than other brands of dental floss.
Some benefits of using Dr. Tungs Smart Floss include the fact that it is soft and comfortable to use; fits between teeth that are tightly spaced; naturally waxed; the container is biodegradable; and a natural Cardamom taste to help freshen breath.

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My Pick

The wide choice of dental floss, on the market, makes it difficult to choose the best floss for your needs. Personally, I am a big fan of Tom’s of Maine products, because they are not only effective, but also use natural ingredients. Remember, the best dental floss is the one that you will use on a daily basis.