The Best Mouthwash on the Market

By | June 10, 2014

Sparkling white teeth do not mean a thing if you have bad breath or do not rinse harmful bacteria and odors from your mouth after eating. The best mouthwash should easily rinse away odors but also kill bacteria and promote a healthy smile. The types of mouthwash on the market today do a great job in all categories of cleanliness and odor control but also provides beneficial fluoride and are available in great flavors that children and adults both can love.

The Top 3 Mouthwashes on the Market

1 – Listerine – For fighting gum disease, providing the freshest breath and economical value, Listerine is a list topper as a favored mouthwash. The value of Listerine has been around for several years and the no nonsense brand has incredibly good flavors that have trumped the old flavor that Listerine was so well known for as leaving breath with a medicine like taste.


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2 – Act – A favorite among kids, Act has a wonderful selection for both children and adults to help fight cavities and provide fresh breath along with extra fluoride for healthy teeth. The many fun flavors of Act mouthwash makes it super easy to get kids to rinse after brushing and eating. The neck of the bottle also works well as a measuring well or cup and lets kids get the right amount of mouthwash every time.

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3 – Scope – One of the most famous mouthwashes on the market, Scope has been a long time favorite that has been loved by many over the years for it’s refreshing minty flavor. Scope has grown over the years and now offers an array of flavors and additives to improve gum and tooth health and add extra protection for enamel, whitens teeth and keeps breath fresh.


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Out of the top contenders, Listerine rates number one. The top pick is cinnamon Listerine that provides sweet fresh breath, kills bacteria, protects gums against gingivitis and does not have a medicine flavor or extra sugars. The Listerine brands provide healthy mouthwash with zero calories, zero dyes and the best mouthwash on the market today. For children, Act is the top mouthwash on the market, the minty and fruity flavors help children to learn to rinse teeth and gums and provides extra fluoride to promote healthy teeth and gums.